Pin Up by Jacek Woźniak
October 31, 2014

I cannot remember what was first… The red backdrop or the red headband :) Either way, one of those inspired us to shoot this pinup. We needed some clothes, so Paulina went on a shopping spree through local thrift shops looking for high waist jeans we could cut to shorts. Then we got the checkered material and Paulina sawed the top.

A couple days before we did a test shoot for the makeup itself, but then we went fill pinup on this one :) It’s funny how much you can do in a single room once you get creative enough ;)

Full set:

50mm · f/8.0 · 1/160s · ISO 400
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Your light is great! Would love to know a little more about how many lights you used and what modifiers? If I had to guess I would say strip stoftbox camera left slightly behind her, beauty dish camera right and a background light?

Jacek Woźniak's picture

The lighting on this one is a 150cm silver umbrella with a diffuser from the back for soft rim light and backdrop light. The main light was comprised of two white medium size umbrellas set up one above the other to give a coverage of light from the top to the bottom of the frame.

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Great job, I like that hip kick.

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nice clean work!

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pIn up style ,

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