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Ponta da Piedade

This is a blend of a 30 second exposure and a .6 second exposure in the south of Portugal.

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Thanks for not doing a sky replacement with something ridiculous, and then adding a person in a bright jacket at the top of one of the rocks. hahahaha

Cool shot, great light, and neat locating/time of day.

Haha thanks Daniel! Sky replacements aren’t really my style, though I did play around with a time blend of this shot since I have a version with a starry sky from before the sun came up. Really just for fun though, don’t think I’d ever use that version. Would I have loved some clouds in the sky that day? Sure! Were there any? No! Though now that you mention that raincoat...

In all seriousness, for me photography is a way to express my love of the outdoors and my experience of it to others, so I try not to add things into my images that I didn’t see in real life. Certainly not above manipulating colors and certain other aspects of a photo to convey the sense of awe that I felt being there, but I try to have a strong foundation in reality. Perhaps an arbitrary distinction, but everyone’s gotta draw the line somewhere.

love it