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After a 5-mile hike in the middle of the night, we reached the top of this ridge line, with the stairs descending down the other side. Just in time for sunrise (the hike took a little longer than expected!), I rushed to get set up. We were given some great light that morning, especially since this location is known for questionable and rapidly changing weather and is often engulfed entirely in low-hanging clouds.

Given the perspective needed for this shot, I wasn't able to get my tripod high enough, so this is a handheld vertical pano that I am *very* fortunate actually stitched together in post, particularly using shutter speeds that are less than ideal for handheld shooting.

Nikon D750
14mm · f/8 · 1/30 · ISO 100
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Well done! I'm always worried about the fines. Someday I'll clear this.

Thanks Dubi! Yeah, I've never actually climbed the stairs, I only go up the back way. Definitely want to be respectful of the community at the bottom. I hear they're working on a plan to officially open up the stairs though, so maybe you'll be able to get up there soon!

This is good news! They can actually make money from it as well. It is popular.

Yeah, I think that's what they're trying to do--charge a fee for maintenance and such. Hopefully it doesn't just get overrun with people.

very nice, I live 20 minutes from the stairs :)

Thanks Stephane! I'm a little jealous that you live that close--I'm on the east coast, but try to make it out to Hawai'i once or twice a year.

yes I am lucky to leave here. But you being on the east coast your only a few hours away from Iceland and Europe :). And so many places to drive to in the US.

Truth, no complaints here I suppose. Looking forward to getting back out to all those places once that's a thing people do again!

Great capture!

Thanks Gregory!

Love this one. Well done 👏

Thanks Ali!

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