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WoW amazing detail, what equipment did you use ?

Canon 6D,Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8,Canon MT-24EX

Awesome shot


This is singularly beautiful!

I would like to know if this is a single exposure, or if you took multiple images, and then used software to focus-stack them? I find it interesting that this information was not presented when the image was initially posted.

Here are a few images shot with stacking.

Okay ...... but what about this image of the Jumper? That is what I was asking about. When someone posts a photo here on Fstoppers, it is nice to have a good deal of background information about the photo. Otherwise, how are we going to learn from it?

How to learn how to shoot like this I write in my Instagram.Here, I'm just too lazy to write a lot of text :)

Andrew, what diffusers are you using on the MT-24EX, the light is beautiful and soft

I made my diffusers out of milk bottles, in which I cut out the holes for the cable and fastening the flash head. I glued a plastic wrap to the bottom of the bottle, into which the synthetic winterizer was wrapped.