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Frosty Leaf

Canon 6D
90mm · f/7.1 · 1/125s · ISO 1600
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Just noticed your surname is Frost ...... how fitting is that!

Spectacular image! I love the way that the frost forms more heavily on the veins of the leaf. I'm sure there are physics behind that that cause it to be that way, but I am equally sure that I would never understand those physics if they were explained to me.

I am interested in knowing two things:

1: What were the colors in the background like before you turned them into grey?

2: The way the bottom right of the leaf falls out of the plane of focus and is softer than the rest of the leaf - was that intentional? Do you have other frames of this leaf in which the DOF is deep enough so that the entire leaf is in sharp focus?

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Thanks! It had a bit of a cooler blue tone. I dropped the blues because i thought it gave it a nice contrast. As far as the depth of field it was the best i was able to get on a somewhat windy day shooting hand held. I really didn't want to jack the iso past 1600. But after i got it into lightroom i didnt find the fall off distracting enough to not enjoy the photo.

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Oh, no, I wasn't criticizing the fact that the bottom part of the leaf is a bit soft. I just wondered if it was intentional or not. I think if I had been shooting it, I would have perhaps tried to get some with the entire leaf sharp, and others with a portion of the leaf falling away from the plane of focus, and then when I had a chance to view them on the big monitor at home I would decide which I liked best. But, as you say, there are sometimes limitations that prevent us from trying all possible techniques. And it's wonderful as it is, so that may be what I would have chosen, even if there were other options to choose from.

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Thank you! i didn't take it as criticism just explaining how it came about. Often we're slaves to the conditions presented to us.