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Winter Eyes

Wetplate Collodion Process - Scanned 4x5 Tintype Portrait.

* UVP X collodion
* Studio lights (PCB White Lightening 3200 & PCB
Einstein with Eyelighter modifier)
* Petzval F4.5 lens
* 8 Seconds w/ Iron-Potassium Nitrate Developer Concentrate


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Blake Aghili's picture

EXCELLENT ... That's it ! You inspired me to finally go take out the images I have shot on 4x5 and send to lab :D ( I am hesitant to do that because probably they are out of focus and then I am paying the lab for images I am gonna delete :D )

Mike Young's picture

Vv nice, great to see images going to a tangible physical medium.

Philip Angell's picture

Just beautiful. You've really used the characteristics of the medium to fantastic effect.

Carl Kruse's picture

Echoing all other comments here -- EXCELLENT.

Teresa Oldenbourg's picture

Love the haunting eyes.

Laura Sheridan's picture

Absolutely stunning

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Rod Kestel's picture

Unconventional with a huge amount of character. I like it. The coarse textures make it really interesting. I'm drawn to those eyes.