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Krvavo sunce

Primošten ... A city that was on our route through Croatia for its cuisine and wine. When we left Omiš we decided to pass Klis, have lunch in Primošten and continue to our next stay in Šibenik.
As we approached this beautiful city of the Mediterranean Sea we saw through the bushes a ray of sunshine piercing the clouds and illuminating the small peninsula. Our stomachs chattered louder and we continued to descend in search of the restaurant where we were going to eat fresh fish while the local fishermen fished in their boat beside our table on the restaurant terrace. As we left this little paradise we knew there was something special and although the rain had appeared we knew that rarely the sunsets in Croatia disappoint. So we decided to take a 45 minute trip to check in ... and as soon as we put our bags down we went back in search of this magnificent sunset. It was worth every minute of travel. In this place we watch the sunset second by second until finally it is completely at night.

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