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The Radcliffe Camera

I visited Oxford several times since I moved to to the UK and I always fancied to take an epic shot of this building but I was never lucky enough with the weather (England eh?).
Finally, last December I happen to be in town while a stunning sunset was about to start, so I set myself on a corner of the small square, right next to a wooden road barrier, and start capturing the scene.
Few minutes after, a car stopped by the barrier and a guy asked me to help him open it. I was worried I had to move the tripod an loose my composition but luckily the barrier stopped few inches away from the tripod..
During the all shooting session about 10 cars passed by and I became the unofficial door opener for the University staff!
Stories aside, what I personally love about the shot its the harmony between the colours of the sunset and the building, that pays off all the travels taken to get this shot

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