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A surprising view

Last week, I wanted to go and shoot Cagliari’s Castle at sunset. The weather looked promising the whole day so I packed all my gear and got myself above the hill. As soon as I arrived, I realised that the Idea of framing the castle was out of question. The clouds were travelling too far away due to the strong wind so that the subject was only covered by uninteresting blue sky. I scouted for composition for almost half an hour while the sun was getting hidden by the lost clouds. I was ready to give up and go back home when I saw a golden glow of light coming from underneath the pack of clouds. I suddenly knew what to take a picture of and I run towards the other side of the castle. I grabbed my tripod, that was laying beside where my company was, and frame the fallen column getting as fast as i could. The rain showers in the distance were growing quite fast as the sun was setting, giving me the impression of a theater curtaing approaching to close the gorgeous show of this sunset. Not even 5 minutes went by that the light was gone and the rain covered the whole city.

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