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Reaching the Surface

I posted this last week and since then I felt there need to be changes made. This is version 3.

This is a single light set up, no modifiers, and was a 15 second exposure. I chose long exposure over strobe to give it a more atmosphere. Using the strobes flash there wasn't as much "bloom" from the cave entrance.

The set is at 1/6 scale, built out of foam, textured and weathered. The figure was made by Tao Heavy Industries.

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Incredible. Was there any use of haze here?

Yup, I used a fog machine. Combined with a long exposure it gave me the atmosphere I was looking for.

I thought it was real, well done

Thank you. That is my end goal in making these, like creating stills from a movie.

This is great.

you work with what you have right?