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Rainbow on the Rolling Hills of Palouse as seen from 26 State Road, Colfax, Washington, USA

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This is a great shot! After spending a lot of time reviewing it, I am not certain that the rainbow really helps it that much. There are enough elements in the image that may well help it stand on its own. A return visit when the sun is low in the sky to enhance the warmth along with the patch of green creates an amazing contrast.. Nevertheless, who am I to question the picture of the day. All the best with your great photography...

Thank you for your comments. This was the first time I was able to capture a full rainbow within a nice and clean landscape.

Like I said.... a great shot!

Beautiful capture of rainbow lensing over almost abstract landscape. Congratulations!

Thank you Ralph! :)

I think the rainbow helps a lot. Otherwise, while it's a good landscape, there's nothing in the distance to grab the eye. The rainbow adds the 'wow' factor and elevates the shot. So a good landscape that the rainbow really helps to sell.

Thank you! I appreciate your input.

It is not a landscape, it's a rainbow. In any case, would you not say that the rainbow qualifies as something in the distance to grab the eye?

It would probably look the same from either side.