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Whittier Tunnel Alaska

During a job walk at the Whittier Tunnel Project in Alaska, I took this photo of a couple of the guys running a drill. They would then epoxy set the all-thread into the ceiling, with the eventual purpose of hanging a drip pan along the 2.6mi tunnel to keep water from falling onto the cars, and from decaying the material underneath the railroad tracks. The Project Engineer, the scaffolding lift operator and the foreman stand in the background. We were observing the work to try to reduce motion, fatigue, and improve the work environment. The tunnel was closed from 9pm to 5am each night for the work to take place. On this night, it was snowing/raining outside with temperatures in the tunnel below freezing. An awesome job, and I really liked this photo I took. Tough to capture it without any flash, and with how much vibration was happening from the drill running.

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