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Asics Gel-Sky Elite FF L.E

Shot for ASICS Global as part of their Tokyo Retro Pack. Lit from the top and bottom using Elinchrom lighting. Top light was a Elinchrom 130 Octo and bottom was a 60x60 soft box.


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Love it! How do you make 'm to look so smooth/poppy? Almost got a cgi feeling, but still with the realism of photography

Hi Jurian. Appreciate the comment. So the CGI Vs Photo is something I've always worked toward. I enjoy the uncertainty if its real or computer generated. I think thats how you should measure the success of the photography. I think the pop is due to the fabric of the shoe. Not every shoe will look like this. The fabric has glitter in it, and the red was very bright. I also shoot the shoes separately. The idea behind this is that each shoe will be lit in the very best way possible, again aiding to the CGI look and feel.

Totally feel you! What looks great to me especially is the red sole part on the side of the back shoe. Can't really explain it. I guess it's just the shaping of the light.

Agreed, and again that comes down to photographing them separately. I don’t think the same effect would have come through if they were shot together.

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