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Asics Gel-Sky Elite FF MT L.E

Shot for ASICS Global as part of their Tokyo Retro Pack. Lit from the top and bottom using Elinchrom lighting. Top light was a Elinchrom 130 Octo and bottom was a 60x60 soft box.


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Its almost so clean and sharp, that I wish you didnt have one shoe in front of the other. Slightly confusing to the eye. Other than that its brilliant.

Hi Teresa, thanks so much for taking the time to comment, the shoes are actually shot separately and put together to look like a complete pair. The idea is to almost be on the verge of looking CGI by being so crisp and clean.

So crisp! What was the lighting scheme?

Hey Sergey, thanks for commenting. Its actually a very simple light set up with two Elinchrom 500BRX lights. One from the top and one angled at a 45deg toward the shoe from the bottom.

Nice! Thanks!

Did you hang them on a wire?

Hey Corey, Thanks for the question. Yes, they are hung on a thick nylon fishing line.