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Daniel Viñé's picture

Menuda pasada 😱😱😱

jabi sanz's picture

Vaya que espectaculo wow!!!

Jacin Fernández's picture

guapisima David!!!

Rex Larsen's picture

Real or retouched ?

Ian Meyers's picture


Nick B's picture

Hmm I would much prefer this picture without the sky swap. You don't need to put the milky way in everything.

Leon Kolenda's picture

I like everything about this image, except, for distorted buildings, and the two people. That should and can be fixed.

Ricardo Gayan's picture

Enhorabuena. Gran trabajo

chris bryant's picture

Very tasty indeed.

Kieran Stone's picture

That is beautiful!

~ Pixrbias ~'s picture

I like what you did here

Dennis Bater's picture

Great photo but the logo is obnoxiously distracting.