Unveil by Josh Glaister
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February 6, 2020

After I spent a couple of hours in the dense woodland trying to find compositions and strong photographs, soon I got to a point where I wasn't seeing anything that I liked. As time went on i constantly was striving to see images in such a difficult place. Seeing past the chaos, attempting to simplify scenes meant I could see more woodland subjects and because of that more potential images that I could get out of a Scene. Coming to the end of my morning journey, I found myself in a slightly colder place, as the sunlight crawled over into the cool banking, seeping out light and warmth on to the atmosphere. As the plants and the trees are constantly transpiring, the sun light just caught the vapour which was being evaporated out of the plant leaves and the damp woodland floor, and then into the air creating a very atmospheric scene accompanied by the eerie twisted branches. The Scene was opened up or "unveiled" with character.

Additional Information
Location:📍Dark Peak

Taken with
@sonyalpha a7ii
Pentacon 29 f2.8

Taken at
f11 | 29mm | 1/60 | ISO200

29mm · f/11 · 1/60s · ISO 200
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