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Teresa Oldenbourg's picture

I just cant get past the nails. The pose also looks like a tooth ache. Wonderful colors though.

Jeff Walsh's picture

agreed on both points. I cant stop looking at the nails

Gregory Scott's picture

Sorry, I can't get beyond the eyes. My first reaction is that somebody just punched her in the eyes, and that they'll be black and blue soon.

My next reaction was that she might have pinkeye (conjunctivitis).

Finally, I realized it was an unfortunate choice in makeup. Why in the world are the eyes so red, but the rest of the face so pale?

What is up with the index finger nail? It looks like it hasn't been polished at all, or it is mostly chipped off.

The flower stamen leading to her eyebrow is a distraction.

Perhaps you found it interesting, but her expression is just strange. Like "Why did you just punch me?", but she's holding her cheek, not her eye.

Now I am not a portrait photographer, but a nature photographer, so being so negative on my critique seems horrible, but I have to say that these are my honest and immediate reactions. I'm seriously wondering why this is the photo of the day.

Looking at your other photos, though, I can see how this could fit in your portfolio, but to me it seems that all of the others are much better.