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Mad Eagle

February 10, 2020
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Phil Cornwall's picture

Full marks! So crispy.

Liza Rock's picture

Love it!

Those eyes really draw you in, love it.

Amazing! You got a 5 from me.

Christopher Suchocki's picture

Wow, sharp in so many ways!

William Donnelly's picture

Great shot how close was you ?

Kevin Plovie's picture

This is shot during a birdpresentation in a zoo. I was +-20-30m away from the eagle

Tom Reichner's picture

This is a wonderful looking image. Was it a wild, free Eagle, or one trapped in a zoo or rehab center?

Kevin Plovie's picture

In a zoo, during a presentation of the birds...

Tom Reichner's picture

Thanks for the info! I always like to know the circumstances under which an animal or bird was photographed ..... it adds to my understanding of the image.

Frank Abbott's picture

Awesome capture. 5 stars

Jessadayut Speers's picture

Should have been titled "Mald Eagle" haha. Great shot!

anya-adora's picture

I've never seen an eagle up close like this before. It's a fantastic image.

Horia Bogdan's picture

Really cool expression and details everywhere. Nicely done!

Christine Noel's picture

Phenomenal Shot!!!!!!!!! 👋👋👋👋

Daniel Mekis's picture

Rad shot! Did you get two quick ones in a row, and composite with a focal point on the beak, and then a second with focus on the eyes. It looks like crazy small depth of field, slight blur at the base of the beak, but tack sharp on the eyes, tip of beak and tongue.
Or did you blur other elements of the shot other than eyes and beak?
Nice work!

charles warren's picture

Awesomely gorgeous . Spelling ?

William Nicholson's picture

Dammmmm. Awesome Kevin. One bad ass eagle.

Ole Jo Legvold's picture

Wow, this is insane. How did you even take this image? 10,000mm lens?! lol
great job

Tom Reichner's picture

The photographer said earlier that it's a captive Eagle, like in a zoo or a fenced-in preserve or something like that. Sometimes, what we assume is wildlife is actually captivelife.