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Alone Time

This photo was taken in a bathroom that has exceptional natural light. I used a reflector to model left to get a bit more light on the models face. Milk and a bath bomb were used to make the water opaque.

Sony A7R II
35mm · f/2.8 · 1/30 · ISO 1600
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I like this a lot. It's well executed, the subtle colors are nice, it's intriguing but there's something that keeps bugging me... the hand. The hand reminds me of a raptor's talons, almost claw-like. The rest of the photo is smooth and the lines are flowing. Hmm, could the fingers come together, no spaces between them. The nails have gotta go. Maybe show the forearm so the hand isn't so detached. I still have to give it four stars but I think there's more to do. Are there other photos of this subject?