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February 14, 2020

A beautiful sunset on a lighthouse in Nova Scotia, Canada.

f/1.0 · 1/4s · ISO 100
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David López García's picture

preciosa amigo. me encanta

Rubén Vela Martín's picture

La perfección hecha fotografía!

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wow thank you so much for your kind words my friend

Daniel Martin's picture

Me parece una auténtica gozada esta foto Jabi

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Thank you so much Daniel

Efren Yanes's picture

Espectacular amigo!

jabi sanz's picture

Muchisimas gracias tio

Pablo Ruiz Garcia's picture

Ohh que bien se ve por aqui! una chulada Jabi

jabi sanz's picture

Mejor que en instgram, no? jejeje

Alan Brown's picture

Beautiful work Jabi!

Guillermo García's picture

Espectacular el dinamismo que da el mar!

jabi sanz's picture

Gracias me alegra mucho que te guste

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jabi sanz's picture

Thank you so much

Alejandro García Bernardo's picture

Esta para encuadrar, se sale!!

jabi sanz's picture

Gracias tio pues i igual algun dia para el salón de casa. Ah pero si no tengo salon jajaja

Chris Suchocki's picture

Awesome shot, love the composition and the light is perfect. Why shoot in f1? Did you use filters? Personally, I'd have stopped down to 11 or 16 to push that DoF all the way through the frame to get the lighthouse and sky in focus.

edit - spelling

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Is not the lighthouse and sky on focus, really? look well hahahha actually the settings come out are not right only the exposure. I use a manual lens so the settings are not write on de file. I shot on f9 this shot ISO 100 and I have not lens with aperture f1 that will be awesome for astro photography hehe

Aritz Atela's picture

Gran foto! Enhorabuena Jabi 🤟🏼

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Gracias amigo. Viste la ultima que subi a IG de Baikal Lake?

Barry Viuker's picture

Nice but over processed. You fall to the same temptations as myself.

jabi sanz's picture

thanks for your opinion but yeah is your opinion

Mauro Scattolini's picture

my dude, that's incredible peaceful! Love it!

jabi sanz's picture

Thanks a lot man

Jonh Gaarg's picture

It is really amazing!

jabi sanz's picture

Thank you so much

Bruce Parker's picture

Well done.

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