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Vermilion Skies

Wedged between the Balkan mountains and with a beautiful bay at its feet, the Fortress of Kotor holds one of my favourite views in the world. So much so, I’ve returned to this city several times! And don’t even get me started on the Montenegrin BBQ 😋

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great time blend!

Thank you Anton!

This is superb

Thanks Jeff

Wow, nice vantage point and the light is great. Personally I'd like a bit more contrast and some slight vignetting but that's just what I like (think Max Rive), the mountains seem washed out to me and the foreground is distracting. This is multiple shots blended to get the lights?

Overall it's a great shot though and you clearly are exhibiting some serious skills.

Thanks so much for the in-depth critique and feedback Christopher! Appreciate it. Yes it's 3 images blended together to create a time-blend

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