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Virus Busters.

Following the non logical trend... I went for this waisting my last 3 toilet rolls!!!!

Canon 5D Mark IV
24mm · f/18.0 · 1/125s · ISO 200
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They do not seem to be wasted yet.

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Ohhh, the truck took of after the photo... with my toilet rolls!!!!

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Hey Lee!... You keep save in PR! Say hi to Patrik

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Thanks Edward!

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Ha ha :-)

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Love that!

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Thanks Trey!

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Made me smile!

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I'm glad!... Thanks Skyler!

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I love it... XD

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Thank you Jeremy!

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Shouldn't that truck be armor plated???

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Wonderful, Felix! You really made me laugh, just when we all need to more than usual. I almost like your text as much as the image! I think Lukasz is eyeing your cargo enviously.

You're so good at this stuff, conceiving it and in your execution. Keep it up!

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Saving the World, one square at a time.

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I like as a title, "Sign of the Times."

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Great idea ;)

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That one will go viral for sure !

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touchable.. great idea

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Great!! This reflects spanish situation 😁 last days: toilet rolls obsession

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We Australians started it. Yay! C'mon Aussie, c'mon, c'mon... sigh... Sorry guys.

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great photo! True to times.

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( big smile ) 👍🏻

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love it! no one commented if you should do something with the clouds! it must be a perfect photo for this moment!

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How current is this!!

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