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November 20, 2014

This photo was realized at the school where I could complete my study as a professional photographer. (Graduated two weeks ago: D)
The idea proposed by the teacher, was to commercial photography about drinking "Bacardi". Trying to keep the aesthetics of the brand.

The final picture is an issue of multiple takes. On the bottom is a picture of a bar, printed on vinyl, with christmas lights. The bottle is illuminated with continuous light. At one point, that we were four companions illuminating the different scenes with Led Flashlight our cellphone. And the Splash frozen with high speed.

After editing, the end result was one of the photographs that pleased me more. But only with the light of some cellphone can say that this photograph was achieved.

Now, and I bought bottles and glasses of all kinds, to plunge into the world of advertising photography, and drinks that most intrigues me.

I apologize for my bad English, I'm from Argentina. Greetings!


50mm · f/1.8 · 1/40s · ISO 400
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