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Go where the money takes you

Picture of the coliseum, in the same angle as displayed in an Euro coin.
It was particularly challenging to take this picture because i do backpacking and a tripod was to too much to carry around and i couldn't get the right depth of field.
In the end, this was one of the first pictures i used photoshop for real, stacking one with the focus on the coin with another with the focus on the coliseum.
Coliseo de Roma, Piazza del Colosseo, Roma, Italia.

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I like the concept of this shot for a fun shot. It is not one that would go into a portfolio (I don't think).

I hate capturing people in the shot when shooting buildings, waterfalls, landscapes, etc. It is sometimes hard to not get them in the shot though. I have clone stamped a few out, this would be tough to do that with.

Photoshop has a neat feature, I have not tried yet. You set your camera up on a tripod. you take a series of pictures over a period of time and then use Photoshop to remove anything that is not in the series of shots. It looks pretty cool. I saw a tutorial on Youtube about it.

I would probably try using to dodge/burn the trees in the back right of the image to see if you can lighten it a little to show some more detail.

I would also take the same picture without the coin.