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Kanarra Falls

For me, one of the most beautiful places of the trip to the USA in 2018; Getting there is not difficult, although it is not signposted, it is simply following the course of the river and getting your feet wet from time to time, although with the heat it is, you are even grateful; Nor is it very saturated with people, since the truth is that I was going to find hordes of them in the canyon, a couple of families I think I remember and that's it. The Kanarra Falls was one of those photos that I had seen a long time ago and I wanted to go to see and see, because of how remote it is from everything, because it is a little away from the Grand Canyon, Antelope or Horsheshoe Bend, those places some of them as impressive as full of people

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Preciosa foto Hugo!

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Muy buena Hugo

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Se sale compañero

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Foton crack!!

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splendid shot!!!!!!!!

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Beautiful capture!