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"Lavender Storm"

For me, a photo is a whole sequence of steps that end with what I show you here.
Prior to the final result, there is the edition, to which I dedicate time and I like it, applying what I have learned during these years and trying new things.
I came to that edition after a good classification and selection, for which I usually doubt a lot.
Prior to that, there is the moment of the shot, one of the most important, perhaps the most important for many, for me it is just as important as the editing and the one that precedes it.
And before everything, there is planning, trying not to leave anything to chance, and looking for what we want and this photo is an example of it and a bit of luck.
We started the day looking for some mists in a remote part of Navarra, and in the end we achieved them, just as we had planned, and after assessing a sunset near Pamplona, ​​we thought it could be fine due to the forecast of clouds and the storm that had .
And so it was, we arrived with a lot of wind, and a good sky, which in the face of sunset improved much more than we expected, leaving us with these last lights and these clouds... that was luck.

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