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The Arrival

Our last trip to Iceland was to try to see the northern lights for the best possible nights, and that was it; During 9 nights of the 14 we spent on the island we could enjoy the wonder of this phenomenon of nature, which even, after so many times of seeing it, we do not get tired.
This was the second night we spent waiting in Skogafoss, the first without much luck having little activity; Without a doubt, we compensated for the first, although it was done to pray and take time to leave, it was spectacular.

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Que pasada de aurora!!

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Vaya fotón Hugo!

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una locura de primer plano, de cielo y de tó...enorme!

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wow vaya pasada de lo mejorcito que he visto de aqui, bravo!!

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Espectacular Hugo

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Menuda fotaca,lo tiene todo

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Que pasada de foto Hugo!!

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Brutal de aurora!!

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So many things to love in this one! Contrast of the hand held light with the figure and the AB lighting for starters! Exciting shot!

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wowww great

Hugo Valle's picture

Thank you