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Like an Antarctica Dream

Who has not left on standby a dream,, a chimera in the corner of the desvan ..............
And so it remained my dream to travel to Antarctica next year, in an unfinished project, in an incomplete plan, in a parked dream, but I am sure that sooner or later it will be fulfilled, like so many others previously, we simply have to have patience and give it time, because the best time is that it is just to arrive.
While this dreamy mind is still thinking about big blocks of ice, while still imagining sailing on the sea of Drake aboard a sailboat, I leave you with this picture that I took during my first trip to Islanda, in the Jokulsarlon lagoon, aboard a zodiac, on a day that neither the cold, nor the hail caused us not to have fun.

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Pasada de mood,mola!

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Qué maravilla!

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Que maravilla Hugo! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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Me flipa una edición de 10

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Me encanta tio! 🤘🏼

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Que pasada de foto Hugo!!

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Really beautiful tones and details here. Great mood!

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Muy pepina tío

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Que pasada!!!!

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Pasote Hugo!!

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Pasada de imagen. BRUTAL