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Efren Yanes's picture

Amazing my friend!!!!

Paolo Montanari's picture

Yeaaaa thank yoiu man :-)

Horia Bogdan's picture

Really cool shot with nice light on the mountain top. Although i know this is a longer exposure and it would make sense for it to have the streak lights on the road, i think here they detract a bit from the main subject...but it is a matter of personal taste :)

Paolo Montanari's picture

as you say it is a matter of taste. Personally I do not find the light strip invasive, I liked it and I decided to leave it. But I really appreciate your criticism. Many thanks

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Paolo Montanari's picture

Thank you so much :-)

Alexander Lauterbach's picture

that's beautiful man !

Paolo Montanari's picture

Thank you Alexander

Francesco Milana's picture

Great shot Paolo!

Paolo Montanari's picture

Thank you Francesco :-)

Gregory Thanos's picture

great work! beautiful picture!

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