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Time And Weather Playing With Each Other!

Our challenge is not to find beauty, it is all around us, it is in seeing it.

Hasselblad H6D
80mm · f/5.0 · 1/60s · ISO 100
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Quite, Julian! Agree entirely. And, as ever, you've seen it and shown us. Well done

Crafting this image was so funny. I spent almost equal time gaping at the beautiful rusty tin and at the people who wold stop and blah blah about the kit but not even see the wall. One person actually said "why are you photographing some rusty wall when there is a huge Pagoda just down the street?". Weeks later when I showed this image along with others that same person came by and just stood and stared at it for long minutes. Later they came to me and said... "now I get it" and bought it. Chris it was a classic moment.
Thanks for the kind words.

That WAS a classic moment, Julian! Just goes to show what photography can do for non-photographers, when they can be shown beauty they would have missed seeing. Glad you sold a print.

Fancy kit, BTW... no, I didn't say that. ;-)

Keep doin' what you do!

I think that moment fundamentally speaks to the power we have to see the ordinary in extraordinary ways, craft an image, and take the subject out of context so as to remove all the distractions and impediments most face when looking at life around them. Our unique perspective gives us both an opportunity and a responsibility to share the world in ways few else can.
When an old fence post, charred bit of wood, stunning afternoon clouds, or dented side of a tired old bird are shown in the skillful ways only you can create Chris, people will discover a whole new dimensions to life that they never new existed.

Thanks, Julian! Very kind of you, as ever. You bring a touch of humanity to FS, in your words, and very powerfully in many of your uplifting images. Thank you.

Another great capture Julian and another shining example of your great eye for beauty.
You certainly bring color into our often drab world.

I love the story behind this, so happy you made the sale. Thanks for sharing.