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Stark Realities

A form exploration
Letting line and light tell the story

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World Class kinda guy you are Julian... great image.

Great work, Julian - as usual! I love those textures and the power of the image. So-called architectural "brutalism" is much maligned, but I love it. Concrete is like a human-made rock, after all.

I always think of concrete structures as though they were the sun bleached skeletons, bones of the dik diks and impalas I used to stumble upon in my youth.
Human made bones laid bare by time and weather for all the world to witness.
A testament to the strength and impermanence that time and weather will always over come.
Thanks for your kind words Chris, and so glad to see that you are well and creating amazing work... As always!

How poetic you are with your words Julian - I now look at this with new-found interest!