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A wry sense of humor that only time can give.

I was going through some old image files today and decided to go way back in time. How I both miss Kodachrome and don’t miss film. The look is still amazing and the way it lended its self to story telling is like nothing else. I shot this image while on assignment in Peru, on the Altiplano near the Bolivian border in late 1988. My workhorse cameras at the time were the fabulous indestructible Nikon F3-T HP and for this image it was the stunning 105mm. Still one of the most beautiful lenses ever made. @julian_ray_photography

Canon CanoScan 9000F
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Wonderful portrait, with that impish gleam in her eye! Certainly tells a story.

Totally agree with you about Kodachrome and film, Julian! Very funny but so true. Something seductive about KR especially - PKR in your case, no doubt.

Getting a bit gear-freaky in your social isolation, Julian! Just kiddin'. ;-)

Chris, you made my day!

Awesome photograph Julian. I had the same camera back then.