I shot this image a while back to help a guy out on a photography forum. He had been asked by a client to reproduce this style of lighting (the client provided this companies product image as an example) and he wanted to know how to do it. The shape of the highlights down the side, coupled with the vertical highlight in the cap had people declaring that it must have been CGI. Naturally I disagreed; so when I saw one in the refrigerator of a convenience store I grabbed it. After attempting to drink it, unsuccessfully, I took it into my tiny studio space to shoot it. Turns out reproducing this lighting wasn't all too difficult, although it was one of the more complex tabletop lighting set ups I've done.

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One large light-source on the back of the product, couple of negative reflectors on both sides, one positive reflector on the front, and some processing afterwards?

Sorry for the late reply, I haven't been around much. The main light was in front of and above the subject, and is where the highlight down the center of the cap comes from. I have vellum on either side with soft boxes behind it for the side highlights, with white flags in front of the vellum to create the hard edge to the side highlights.

Thanks. I really appreciate it.

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