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Strolling Ghosts

A triptych of people crossing a bridge during a foggy day.

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Great job, Sascha! Interesting and original concept, and very well executed.. Love your blurred figures, and especially the solitary one in the centre image. For some reason - maybe the severity, and the anonymity of the figures - the image reminds me of Alberto Giacometti. High praise!

Thank you so much, Chris. This is very high praise indeed. I wondered if I should have posted the centre image on its own, but I think it wins from being surrounded by the more crowded images. In a sense, they make it stand out more, and express more of what I often feel in crowded places. In case you're interested: exposure times were around 1/4 to 1/2 of a second, and I was at least partly inspired by "City of Shadows" by Alexey Titarenko: http://www.alexeytitarenko.com/#/cityofshadows/

I think you're right, that the central figure's isolation is highlighted by the adjacent frames, Sascha.

Just checked out Titarenko's work - very interesting. I can see how that could have influenced you, but you've come up with something quite different here. Well done.

wow, I love this shot everything is just perfect with it. Great job

Thank you very much for your kind words :-)

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