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Arctic Tromsø

Taken from the main bridge of the Norwegian town Tromsø. Though the water is clear, it has a very "arctic" feeling to me and the ripples in the water and the small boat give me a sense of width and being lost in the landscape.

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I think that hat you felt is well expressed in this image, Sascha. Your composition is particularly strong. The way the various lines in the water lead to that insignificant-looking boat, and in turn to the distant mountains is appealing. I also like the understated nature of the image as a whole, rather than going for maximum drama, as many do all the time.

Thank you very much for your kind words, Chris :-) Indeed, I strive more for "drama in subtlety", than maximum first-bang impact.

Totally with you in that, Sascha!

In addition to "lost", I might also add a sense of being lonely.