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carlos gonzalez's picture

Una foto espectacular 👏👏

jabi sanz's picture

wow Alvaro muy buena me flipa ese primer plano

Un lujo de sitio en otoño!

Jose Luis Llano's picture

Que maravilla Álvaro!!!

Alberto Moreno's picture

Se sale ese primer plano tio

Este sitio es la leche en otoño!

Sergio Saavedra's picture

Una pasada tio!

Amada Terradillos's picture

me gusta mucho el primer plano, muy chula.

chris bryant's picture

Really Fab.

Big Name's picture

Doesn't look real, "Needs Work". Stop making the world look like a Cartoon people!

Hanaa Turkistani's picture

excellent shot -congrats Alvaro

Matthias Dengler's picture

Fantastic image! Lovely light!
Except for the sky that has been replaced? Doesn't show up in the reflection.

Thanks Matthias for the comment.
The image is real, there is no sky replaced. It was getting dark and the sky was not reflecting any light on the lake. You can see dim clouds on the lake if you realise :)

Ruud van der Nat's picture

absolutely stunning

Amila Hewagama's picture

What a shot !