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face is too soft?!

I am confused as well.

Pretty harsh criticism for a guy with one picture in his profile.

The lighting on her face is not done well.

Stop with the bot patrol trolling.

You really think that's makeup? It seems to asymmetrical to not be lighting.

I like it.

"Horrifyingly BAD" uh gee…ok
Ryan I think your work is really great actually. The one with the girl in red on the red couch is great and you show an amazing talent and creativity. These nasty comments/?…my advice …..ignore them

"These nasty comments" Who are you, Trump?

I'm just a hobbyist and still learning, so I'm taking the constructive comments and learning from 'em. Thanks though Shutter Bug!


I am sorry that you got such mean-spirited criticism from someone here in our online community. I applaud your efforts and your willingness to post this photo, to see what others have to say about it.

There are many things that you did very very well. I like the way the background is rendered; the way it is darker along the edges and gets gradually brighter around the subject's torso is tastefully done.

I am curious about something ..... the background gets brighter as it nears her torso and butt, but it stays dark as it nears her head. I would like to know your reasoning for this difference.

I think the model herself was an excellent choice for this image. Her look works great with this pose. Her hair is so photogenic this way, and the pigtail gives her right hand something to do, which is important.

I am a bit put off by the makeup on her face. Or maybe it is the lighting. Or a combination of both the makeup and the lighting and the way they work together.

In any case, there is an extremely dark "mask" extending down the front of her cheeks. This area is extremely dark, while the area immediately adjacent to it is extremely bright. The contrast is very distracting, and makes it appear (at least superficially) as though she went way overboard by applying an extremely excessive amount of makeup to the upper front portion of her face.

In other words, it looks like part of her face has extremely heavy amounts of makeup on it, while the rest of her face doesn't. That is visually disconcerting, and once I noticed it I had trouble not having it distract me from the rest of the image, which is nicely done.

lots of harsh criticisms... It's honestly not that bad, it's really just that the retouching on the face is very unnatural.

Imo if you pulled the face retouch back by 80-90% this would be a much stronger image.