Buddha Tooth Relic temple by Daniel Viñé
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Buddha Tooth Relic temple

April 9, 2020

Today I bring you a picture of our visit to Singapore last summer.
The recently established Buddha Tooth Relic temple in Chinatown.
I had read that to take the photo you had to enter a private home portal and take the photo from the eighth floor or so. In Singapore, access to these portals is allowed even if you don't live there.
That day we were lucky enough to spend the day with my Malaysian born but Singapore based photographer friend Nicholas Lee, so we had the opportunity to get to know the real Singapore and then he guided us to the right place to do it in the temple, there we also met Janniechow.
It was a pleasure to see how the light went out and how the first lights of that great city were turned on, that is why I took the photo in the middle of the blue hour so that the temple would have the best coloring and here I show it to you.

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Preciosa Dani!!

Pablo Ruiz Garcia's picture

Muy chula Dani!

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Tremenda Daniel!

alfonso maseda varela's picture

Fantástica Dani!

Cesar Alvarez Osorio's picture

Que guapa Dani

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Como me gusta. Buen trabajo amigo

Daniel Viñé's picture

Muchas gracias Jabi!! Es un sitio brutal!

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Tremenda Dani! Muy fina

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Gracias compi !!!

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De las que he visto de este sitio, es la más Fina que he visto tío

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Joer Alberto todo un honor tio !!!! Gracias!!!

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muy guapa!

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Muy guapaa

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Brutal amigo!

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Para hacer un cuadro bien grande!! Es maravillosa!

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Qué pasada de fotografía, tiene ese toque de edición que me encanta!

joaquin marco's picture

edición super fina tio!!!👌

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Preciosa Dani!!