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Rice field of Bali

The day I took this picture was at dawn, my driver fell asleep and we left 30 minutes later than planned, at first I thought everything was lost, but fortunately I managed to get there to catch the first lights.
These paddies were huge and without a defined view, so I dedicated myself to photographing frames while it was dawn, from here to there with the tripod and the camera. As I advanced I found this view that caught my attention, I took some pictures and continued my way by myself through the paddies, simply from time to time some local worker passed by and little more.
A fantastic experience for which it was worth getting up at 5:00AM..

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Guapísima amigo me encanta

Gracias Jabi !!!

Preciosa Daniel!!

Preciosa amigo!! Una pasada

Preciosa Daniel! Buen trabajo tio

vaya reflejos tio mola mucho!

Que ganassssss ;)

jajajaj ya tio, yo ya tengo pensado un Indonesia 2.0 mas profundo.

Otro fotón Dani!

Muy buena Dani!!

Maravillosa Dani! Ese reflejo y esa luz se salen!

Espectacular Dani! Unas líneas muy sugerentes