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Shadow Moses

This image was taken before Covid-19 hit the globe. In Hong Kong it is and has always been standard practice to wear a mask when you are feeling ill.

I stood in this spot for a good 30min (something I dont normally do). When the subject came into frame I knew it was go time. With him being unaware of me snapping away made the scene so much more authentic. If only I can get hold of him to share the photo. I bet he never knew how majestic he looks when walking up some stairs

Nikon D610
50mm · f/3.5 · 1/1600 sec. · ISO 100
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Thought this was Hanibal Lecter at first glimpse. Haha. Cool shot.

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Hahah thats awesome!

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Love the MGS reference!

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Glad you caught that one Marc! :)

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perfect exposure

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Thank you Juno!

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You have a great eye for slices of light!