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Zodiacal Light

The zodiacal light is a weak band of light, almost triangular in shape, which can be seen in the night sky extending along the plane of the ecliptic where the constellations of the Zodiac are found. It covers the sky completely although it is only visible above the plane of the ecliptic and is responsible for 60% of the natural light on a moonless night. It is caused by the scattering of sunlight on dust particles found throughout the solar system.

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en tu linea Pablo un foton

Muchas gracias Richard!

que foton Pablo es buenisima

Muchas gracias Carlos!

Que maravilla tio, y lo de la luz zodiacal me flipa mucho!

Muchas gracias Sergio! Si es curioso

Ufff vaya que foton como te pasas. Un saludo bro

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En lo más alto como siempre Pablo!

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que nivel no? bonito recuerdo tio

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Qué espectáculo de foto Pablo, no deja indiferente

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Guapísima Pablo!

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Vaya espectáculo compi! Se sale

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brilliant job pablo

Thank you very much!

Esta foto te traerá alegrias

que locura de foto, una pasada

Amazing capture!

Spectacular how you build your cosy night retreat, and the light you used…great!

Very original. Love it.

This is a fabulous photo and I would love to know how you captured this. It almost looks surreal!