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Prehistoric Beach

When we made our trip to Indonesia, in our passage by the small island Nusa Penida, we did not want to waste the opportunity to know a beach that was located "in the other end" from where our Hotel was, simply there was 30km, but with the "highways" that there was it supposed something more of one hour.
After the journey and after going down many stairs, we could enjoy that prehistoric beach and its beautiful coral all day long, that day we could not have big lights, but everything is not possible ;). As I always say, it was hard at dawn, but it was worth it to be in that piece of place by ourselves and our driver.

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Muy guapa

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una gozada ver esta foto

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Muy buena Dani!!!👌👌👌

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Que buena bro como me mola Nusa

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Una pasada Dani! Me encanta esta foto y ese lugar

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Que pasada Dani!!

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Ese sitio es brutal! vaya foto mas guapa Dani!

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Preciosa Dani, eso colores son la crema

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Muy bonita, esa composición está genial

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parece un sitio genial macho! me gusta