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New York Tribute in Lights

My version of the famous New York skyline released September 11th last year with the Tribute in Light representing the Twin Towers.
Although we went to the location in time there was a brutal amount of photographers because of the date it was, we went when the golden hour started and at first I was happy thinking that we had taken place, just behind a small chain that prevented the passage, shortly before sunset the port police came and threw us all behind that chain.
With difficulty and patience I managed to find a place, in the end there was luck and I liked the place taken quite a bit and the picture could be taken.

20mm · f/13.0 · 13s · ISO 200
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Qué buena Dani! Esas luces en el skyline son increíbles!

Gracias Efren! Saque la foto de pura coña, detras de otros dos con el tripode mal puesto y tirando de zoom, pero bueno pude sacarla jejjee.

What a beauty!! I love that spot

Really awesome shot, love it bro

Gracias Jabi !! No veas lo que me costó, había mas gente alli que la que había ayer dando paseos jajajja.

Un skyline muy fino crack esas luces estan genial!

Gracias Richard !!!

unas luces espectaculares!

Muy bonita, ne encanta