Mother and son by Irina Jomir
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Mother and son

May 4, 2020

The image is about maternity, perhaps not love as many would expect, but the beauty of becoming a mother. Maternity changes a woman from inside out. It´s a point when she bridges from the state of a girl to a woman. Its when femininity makes senesce. I wanted to portray it and I wanted the image to be about her and not her baby. That’s why I used a strong visual accent on her femininity by creating circular lines, soft light and soft colour palette.

I would like to belive this image reflects my admiration of woman’s nature, strengths through softness and femininity.
I’ve been photographing this woman a couple of times before and knowing her nature from the photographer´s perspective made me want to make this shot even more personal in my most artistic way. Truly I just wanted to create the most beautiful maternity portrait of herself, the one we both would be very proud of. So I guess my inspiration was the model.

Gear and lighting:
Camera - Canon 5d mk4, Lens - Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM, Ligh and light modifiers - Profoto B10 plus x2, Photek soft lighter – L with double diffusion, white V-flat.

Camera settings: ISO 250 ; 1/160s ; f/6.3

Lighting: one strobe slightly behind the backdrop, camera right, pointed at the ceiling to replicate skylight. Second strobe camera right, 45 degrees to model with Photek soft lighter size L with double diffusion. A V-flat in white, camera left to fill in shadows. Backdrops: behind the model – Gravity Backdrops, on the floor – self-made.

85mm · f/6.3 · 1/160s · ISO 250
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Admirable, congratulations.

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Thank you Vicente Concha!

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