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Colours of New York

This picture is from the second day we were in New York, one of the best sunsets we had since the rest were full of sun, it was the first time we crossed to the Brooklyn side and we could see during the day the amount of skyscrapers that were in Manhattan and it was a real treat, although it is a very typical view it does not stop surprising when you see it for the first time.

With 5 and a half days that we were alone it gave time to see the most typical and important places but it is a city that has millions of corners to discover.

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jabi sanz's picture

Muy guapa se sale amigo, vaya refejo

Thomas De Franzoni's picture

Great sharpness, tones... Perfect shot!

Jose Luis Llano's picture

Muy guapa Dani! ese reflejo es brutal socio!!

richard toribio casares's picture

guapa tio muy guapa!

Daniel Martin's picture

Increible tocayo! esas nubes en movimiento se salen

Efren Yanes's picture

Vaya joyitas te trajiste de New York amigo! Se sale

Jacin Fernández's picture

muy guapa Dani!!

Hanaa Turkistani's picture

suprb shot daniel

Eneko Guerra's picture

un cielo de escandalo tio!

Dubi N.'s picture

Perfect Reflection. Great capture!