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Flour Majesticé

I'm super fond using flour, smoke, anything that doesn't have a consistent form, when it comes to portraits. In my eyes they bring so much more to a photo, it makes you wonder, what is that? How is it done? That right there is my drive, the reason I take photos.

This specific shot is a composite of alot of flour tossing ,it was a super elastic turtleneck shirt luckily so it was enough to just pour half a bag of flour on top of it and then stretch it out and release it - Viola, magic!

I'd have to say that this gentleman's mustache brings it all up just a notch, okay maybe a little more than a notch.

50mm · f/4.0 · 1/250s · ISO 320
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The powder on the eyes makes this shot that much more interesting. =)

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Indeed it does! Thank you for viewing. :)

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Great job really!

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Thank you for viewing Denis, love your "I will tell dad" photo.

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Hey thanks ;)