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Subconscious peekabo

This shot I'm proud to have in my portfolio, but in all honesty this was a lot of luck. I was just a bypasser in awe snapping countless shots of this phenomena, and in some strange coincidence there was 1 shot containing this as I like to see it, an eye and half of a face.

Can you see it too?

This is shot off the peak of Blackcomb in Whistler, British Columbia as the powdery snow was blowing off and the sun was hitting it form behind this happend, a giant snowbow, my favourite type of rainbows.

100mm · f/18.0 · 1/1600s · ISO 100
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I see it and it's beautiful man and I just love that the eyebrow add this expression to it. It looks fearful, hiding behind the mountain. It's a truly amazing shot you got there!

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Thank you Chris, you're putting words to my thought. Good expression description! I'm not sure this will ever be sold as a print, but if I decide to, you'll be the first to know.

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Please send a link when a print is available.