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Storm in Tokyo

I remember tonight perfectly, we were walking around Tokyo and decided to take the subway to go to another point, when we left the station we saw this incredible storm, I had never seen rain like that in my life.
I felt compassion with the cyclist with the yellow raincoat because it seems that he could not afford to shelter from the storm.

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Me encantan los tonos de esta foto tío! Se sale por todos lados

Muchas gracias compi !!!!

Se sale esta foto muy guapa

Gracias Jabi !!

flipante Dani!

Gracias tocayo ! :D

Vas a crear escuela compañero!

jejje no te pases, la verdad que cuando llueve en Tokio se transforma en Blade Runner

Qué chulo ese azul

Una pasada Dani!! Blade Runner total !!! me encanta!!