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Door to Mordor

This was the best sunset I've had in my time on the Asturian coast, this spectacular rock formation created by the force of the water is located in Campiecho Beach.

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really stunning shot man, great job

thanks so much bro ;)

Wonderful composition

thanks so much :)

So, this is the Mordoor! Haha, Ok, jokes beside, this is a great shot!

yes... saadly, i cross it... ;(. Thanks bro ajajajaç

OMG thats a cracker bro!

thanks so much bro ;)

Where's Mount Doom? Probably just off frame. I would advise you to watch out for spiders. They tend to get overgrown around there. :)

ajajajajaj you are so crazy bro ;)


Reallly Cool...and a GREAT title lol...well done

thanks mate

Nice job!!

splendid photo Unia