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Erosion formations

Bardenas is a place where even if you come back 100 times you will find new formations and new compositions in the immense desert. This time together with the crack of hugo, we went to one of the most famous and valued formations in the whole desert, and it has not earned that fame for nothing.

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Menudo espectáculo de colores y texturas

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muchisimas gracias colega, me alegra mucho!

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Vaya barbaridad compañero!

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muchisimas gracias compi!! ;)

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Enhorabuena por la compo, color y detalles

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Wonderful image!

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Nice capture...

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Brutalmente preciosa.

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gracias crack!!

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Having never been to Spain, I know nothing of your Bardenas place. Other than the fact it looks remarkably like some areas immediately around me in Utah, USA. Either way, that's one FINE image you've got there Unai. Kudos!

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yeah!! here we call the desert of Navarre ajajaja, the formations are so unique, is quite famous. Thanks mate!

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Impresionante colega

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a buenas horas ajajajajajajaj. gracias guapo

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Ya sabes el retraso que traigo…… y no es de un año o dos…… 33 lo llevo arrastrando….. necesito unas vacaciones

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Breathtaking! Makes me want to go back there now :)

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thanks for the comments Kevin ;)